Contributor: Gigih Satya

Let us face it, it is almost the middle of the year. Thinking about how fast time flies can be scary so that is why on our first blog post ever, I am going to take you to a special winery to help you catch a breath, slow down for the day, and get ready for some wine in the springtime.
Elsom Cellars is a woman-owned and operated winery located in the SoDo area of Seattle and is one of the first few wineries to recognize the potential of the industrial feel of the area to run their spacious tasting room and production facility. This modern winery was founded with a strong belief in creating a community where people can be themselves and tell their stories through wine.

The journey for Jody (Owner) to ultimately become one of the few (Fewer than ten percent of the over 1050 wineries) female vintners in Washington state began in Italy in the early 2000s where she worked for wineries and vineyards. She created her first wine in her basement in West Seattle in 2003 and finally, in 2006 she started her own venture. Elsom Cellars has been using 100% local organically grown grapes from top Eastern Washington vineyards since it started, and Jody would pick them up herself and drive them back to Seattle. “With boutique wineries like us it’s unique. We are very passionate about what we are doing, and the main goal is not to make money or the financial success but because we love it. It’s a labor of love.”

With her name on the wine (get it? Hahaha), Jody Elsom cultivates her wines to be a craft she can proudly have her name on. “Quality level and knowing what’s happening in each and every barrel and carefully attuning the blending, so there is a balance and beauty in the wines has always been the mainstay of each different vintage.” A couple bottles that stand out to us are the Isabella and Logan. These wines are named after Jody’s children, who are a key part of this family-owned business, and each bottle represents the children’s personality which coincides with its tasting notes. “Isabella is a reading a book by the fireplace type of wine and Logan is more of a let’s get going and get your hands dirty type of wine because it’s more earthy.” 

The commitment and focus towards empowering the community are one of the reasons why Elsom Cellars is unique. While also paying a lot of attention and care to create high quality and sustainable wines, Elsom Cellars ensures that they are doing the right things, especially in regard to treating their employees, by working closely with our team at the ECCC to ensure that they are always up to date about the Seattle Labor Standards Ordinances. 

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