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The 5 new Seattle labor laws you need to know


Seattle’s regulatory environment is significantly impacting our business community. Recognizing this, the ECCC applied for a grant from the City of Seattle’s Office of Labor Standards to facilitate outreach, education, and technical assistance to small businesses operating in Seattle.

Ordinances specific to Seattle include minimum wage, wage theft, fair chance employment, paid sick and safe time and secure scheduling. ​

Getting help from the ECCC

Any business with a need to understand these regulations can reach out to the ECCC by emailing at [email protected]

About the grant

The grant focuses on businesses owned by low-income and historically disenfranchised communities, including people of color, immigrants and refugees, as well as women, veterans, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community.

The ECCC partnered with GSBA, BIN and in supporting roles CISC and CCG. In late 2016 the ECCC and its partners were awarded the grant for $285,000 to ensure that our communities are aware and understood these regulations. Our approach was recognized for excellence resulting in the City asking for the ECCC to expand its partnership and include the Eritrean Community and OneAmerica. This grant runs through 2017.